On Cross-Country skis through the vast, white wilderness of British Columbia. On this trip you and your guide make day-trips based from one of our cabins or you ski from cabin to cabin. On skiing days you ski between 4 to 6 hours a day. Through valleys and descending from slopes.

Of course there is also time to rest in one of our cabins. Here you can enjoy real warmth, the heat of a woodstove. Together with our cook we prepare the meals and after a day of skiing in Canada from cabin to cabin, your gear and supplies has already been transported during the day to the new location.

Skiing Itinerary


  • Flight from Smithers to Base Camp and return flight
  • Ski-tour guide and cook
  • All meals and lodging during the trip
  • Transport of gear on ski days
  • Water filter (taken along by guide)
  • All cooking utensils
  • Several cabins during the trip
  • Sleeping mattress
  • Fishing license
  • Use of fishing equipment at cabin camps
  • All permits, license fees and taxes

Not Included

  • Flight to and from Canada, Smithers
  • Accommodation in Smithers *
  • Meals before arrival and after departure from Claw Mountain Outfitters base camp
  • Ski equipment (such as skis, ski suits, ski boots, snowshoes) **
  • Personal toiletries (such as sleeping bag, backpack, clothing, cabin shoes)
  • Insurance (travel and accident insurance is mandatory, cancellation insurance is advised)

* In order to start the adventure in a relaxed way and to avoid missing the flight home due to unforeseen circumstances, we recommend one night in Smithers / Prince George on arrival and two nights when leaving. Claw Mountain Outfitters can assist in booking overnight stays at the Hudson Bay Lodge (Smithers).

** We provide you with a packing list with required items after booking.

Your guides

For our guides Rick and Bert going on these adventurous journeys is not work, but it’s a lifestyle. A belief. Waking up in a landscape where silence prevails, where you wash yourself in a stone-cold creek, where every day is a new adventure – that, for them, is what makes them feel alive. In the immeasurable, vast remote wilderness of Western Canada, not only do they live here in the summer, they’re also here throughout the winter. With our experienced guides you feel at ease among moose, bears and wolves.

Our Team

Rick Solmonson manages Claw Mountain Outfitters and is the guide for all horseback trips. In 2010 he started Claw Mountain Outfitters.


Our guide for the hiking adventures is Bert. He has been an active part of Claw Mountain Outfitters since 2015. First as a guide for both the horseback and hiking trips, the last years mainly for the hiking trips.


Tim has been flying for Claw Mountain Outfitters from the start.



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Do you have any questions about our ski, horseback and hiking adventures? We look forward to hearing from you. Send a message here (see on the left). Our camp can be reached via satellite phone. We regularly check for new messages, so leave us a message - if there is no answer. For all other business inquiries please contact Kwadacha Nation, 497 3rd Avenue Prince George, B.C V2L 3C1