Discover the wilderness, it’s wildlife, the flowers, the mountains and the lakes by making a nature trip in Canada. With Claw Mountain Outfitters you explore the untouched, pristine Canadian nature in a “Back to Basics” way. On foot, on horseback or on skis. Luxury for us means nature’s silence. Away from computers, mobile phones and packed roads. Because only then do you experience nature at its best.

Canadian wildlife

This immense nature, with its endless valleys and everlasting forests, is the domain of Canadian wildlife. Inhabited by grizzly and black bears, moose, beavers, mountain goats, eagles and wolves. Forget about time and just take in the sound of silence – and see and hear the animals. See how a moose finds its food along the banks of the lake with her young, see a grizzly bear and hear how a beaver hits the water with its tail.

Photogenic areas

Our journeys are great for photographers. Whether you are a professional photographer or photography is your hobby. The wilderness of British Columbia offers some of the most photogenic sights in the world.

Capturing the beauty of Belle Lakes, the pass to Sheepcamp, the waterfall at Toodoggone Lake, the vastness of the valleys, the roughness of McClair Creek, the ravine through which it flows, the impermeability of willows and dwarf birches. Each and every one of them provides fantastic opportunities for stunning images. Not to mention Canadian wildlife, flowers and the weather. Photograph the setting sun, the rainbow and if you are lucky – the northern light. The biggest chance of seeing this magical phenomenon is during our August trip.

Enquire after our special Photography trip !

Fish Canada

This is something you can do on every kind of trip with us. The fishing is great on every trip with us in Western Canada. During all our journeys you have access to fishing equipment and a Canadian canoe at the cabin camps. For example, during the hiking and horseback riding trip, we set up our camp along the banks of the vast Toodoggone Lake. It is great fishing here. We clean our self-caught fish and grill it in the evening over an open campfire.

Freedom for personal preferences

Actually the wilderness of British Columbia is a place where you can easily roam for months without having seen it all. So enjoy your trip with us to the full extend and take in the beauty of the best that nature has to offer us. With Claw Mountain Outfitters there is a lot of freedom to express your preferences during the trip. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your trip in Canada.


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