Claw Mountain Outfitters

Claw Mountain Outfitters, started in 2007 and is based on passion; passion for nature, the animals, the flowers, the weather. Our aim is to preserve one of the last remaining wilderness areas in the world.

Claw Mountain Outfitters started as a family owned and operated business. Rick Solmonson and his daughter Kayla have been the driving force behind everything that has been achieved so far. In the past years the team got bigger with 2 extra guides, a wrangler and a cook. And last but not least our bush pilot.

In 2017 two bands, The Kwadacha Nation and Tsay Key Dene Nation got involved and together we are now running Claw Mountain Outfitters.



The Tsay Key Dene Nation                 The Kwadacha Nation

Our Goal

We have reached our objective if those who travel with us, leave with that special feeling: knowing that live is about making choices and following, realizing your dreams. Not about following what others decide, not about just making money and living life in the fast lane.

Adventure Trips

This mission has led to Claw Mountain Outfitters decision to be out there with small groups, to have a footprint as small as possible. Everything we bring in is taken out, and we bring in only those things that are absolutely necessary for having a very memorable, adventurous holiday, with friends, family or by yourself.

Want to know more about our adventure trips? Have a look at our impressions and read our blog’s


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Do you have any questions about our ski, horseback and hiking adventures? We look forward to hearing from you. Send a message here (see on the left). Our camp can be reached via satellite phone. We regularly check for new messages, so leave us a message - if there is no answer. For all other business inquiries please contact Kwadacha Nation, 497 3rd Avenue Prince George, B.C V2L 3C1