The Hiking adventures at Claw Mountain Outfitters are guided by Bert. He has been a guide with us since 2015.

His first encounter with the wilderness in Western Canada, British Columbia dates back to 2001. After reading an article about following a training course in B.C. the decision was easy. A year later he completed the training and got his International Wilderness Guide license. Most of this training was done during a 3 months stay in the wilderness around Atlin. There he was trained in surviving, crossing rivers, finding edible plants, fish, etc.

After his guide training he made a long journey in which he hiked from Atlin to Fort Nelson in over 3 months. A distance of more than 1000 km through northern B.C.’s wilderness. According to him, still one of his most beautiful experiences. During this trip he crossed the Ediza area, characterized by an endless plateau with eternal ice and volcanoes, the Spatsizi Plateau and also the areas where he has been guiding for Claw Mountain Outfitters for several years now.

Bert started on the Horseback tours as a wrangler, where he also took people on foot on rest days into the wilderness. Soon, with the increase of people interested in hiking trips, Bert has completely focused on guiding the hikers.

Do you want to enjoy two weeks of everything that a hiking trip can offer, on foot through endless forests, along rivers and lakes, over mountain passes, then go with him and have the time of your life. Greetings and see you soon, Claw Mountain Outfitters.

Hikers near Upper Belle Lake

Overlooking Toodoggone River


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