Back to Basics in Canada

Experience peace and quiet, stimulate your senses. Live in the impressive silence and truly feel part of nature. During your trip with Claw Mountain Outfitters you get to know yourself. In small groups we travel through the wilderness in a simple, Back to Basics way. We believe simplicity is the key to being at one with nature. This is what Luxury is to us. Our Back to Basics trips gives you a renewed outlook on life.


From our base camp at Black Lake in British Columbia, we make our way through the wilderness of Western Canada. This is an area that only few people will ever see. Here you really feel away from it all and you can enjoy absolute peace and quiet. Perfect for when you are stressed, eager to get out of the daily grind, looking for yourself, a different mind-set, seeking a bond with nature in order to regain perspective.


Back to Basics, it implies the simple life, no luxury, no warm/cold running water, no electricity, sleeping under the stars, …. resulting in a very small footprint on the environment, time to talk, enjoy life, fishing, canoeing, the horses, the hiking or the skiing, preparing meals on an open campfire, picking berries, …. So many things that will make you realize that there is more in life than the way most people live their life nowadays.

With any luck you will leave the Omineca Mountain feeling a different person with new objectives in life.




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