Information about Adventure Travel

Our adventure travel is suitable for anyone with a good physical condition. You do not have to be an experienced horseback rider to ride through the Canadian wilderness. The pace is reasonably low due to the pristine landscape. During the hiking adventures you’ll be active throughout the holiday. You have to be able to hike for several hours with a backpack. For the ski tour, experience with tour skiing is useful.

Group size

Because we are located in remote, untouched wilderness, the logistic effort for our Wilderness Trips is extensive. On the hiking trip one guide accompanies the group. On the ski and the horseback trip one guide and a wrangler accompany the group. We want to give you a personal, unforgettable adventure in an area where there is no room for mass tourism. That’s why our group travel is limited when it comes to the number of participants.

Accommodation and equipment base camp

Our base camp in Western Canada is approximately 600 km away from the nearest city Prince George and is located 1250 metres above sea level, right beside the lake. The infrastructure is simple. Because we are located in a remote area, electricity is generated using a generator/solar panel. All accommodation is equipped with a wood stove.


During our adventure travel water comes straight from streams or a crystal clear lake. Western Canada has very clean water and is in second place according to the UN Index. Because there is a possibility that the so-called ‘Beaver-Fever’ occurs, a form of Giardia, we carry a water filter with us.

The weather

The weather in Western Canada is similar to that in the Alps. During the day, the temperature can easily exceed 20° C. In August temperature can drop to 0° C during the night-time.


The nights can be quite cold in August. That is why we recommend a 4-season sleeping bag. Furthermore, Gore Tex hiking shoes are recommended, along with quick-dry clothing and rain gear (jacket and pants). Gamaschen / gaiters are also very useful. After the booking has been made we provide a detailed packing list with gear that is useful during your journey.
First Aid/Safety Equipment
In case of an emergency there will always be a First Aid kit available. Because we operate in remote areas we carry a satellite phone and spot messenger. The guide will always contact base camp every other day to let them know where we are.

How to get there

All our adventure tours start and end in Smithers, British Columbia (possibly in Prince George for the skiing). Unless you combine the adventure trip with other journeys, you book your flight directly to Smithers. Most international flights go via Vancouver or Calgary. After arrival at the airport in Smithers you will be taken to the hotel by a shuttle bus. This transfer to the hotel as well as the hotel reservation is arranged by Claw Mountain Outfitters. You will have to pay for the costs of the stay.

Transatlantic flight to Western Canada

It is imperative that you arrive in Smithers the day before the start of your trip. The departure to our base camp is planned in the morning. Always keep in mind to leave one extra day for your flight home. Therefore, don’t book your flight home on the day following our flight from base camp to Smithers. Due to weather conditions the flight to Smithers could be delayed.

Important information

To book your trip with Claw Mountain Outfitters you will receive a ‘Contract for Wilderness Tour Services’. Your booking is not confirmed until Claw Mountain Outfitters has received the signed contract and after the first deposit has been paid. Furthermore, a travel and accident insurance for our trips is mandatory. We also advise you to take out cancellation insurance. In addition to a valid passport, a stay in Canada requires additional travel documents from some countries. Enquire locally about the necessary travel documents for your trip to Canada.


Name E-mail Phone Country Subject Question
Do you have any questions about our ski, horseback and hiking adventures? We look forward to hearing from you. Send a message here (see on the left). Our camp can be reached via satellite phone. We regularly check for new messages, so leave us a message - if there is no answer. For all other business inquiries please contact Kwadacha Nation, 497 3rd Avenue Prince George, B.C V2L 3C1