You can experience Claw Mountain Outfitters adventure journeys that are unforgettable. We travel in our own unique way- our trips are different! Our base camp is at Black Lake, in British Columbia (Western Canada). From here we make our summer and winter trips. Hiking and horseback riding in summer, skiing in winter. An active holiday with great freedom for personal preferences.

Active holiday

Our adventure travels on foot, on horseback and on skis are physically demanding. A challenge for everyone who wants to be active during the holiday. You do not have to be a pro in hiking, riding or skiing. The pace is quite slow because of the untouched nature. For the ski trip it is true that some experience in skiing is desirable.

During our hiking adventures you hike with your backpack through the wilderness. A good physical condition is a must. You have to be able to hike for several hours with a backpack that weighs around 20 to 25 kilos.

Camping in Canadian wilderness

During our trips in summer you will spend the night in tents or under a tarp. Camping Canada is an experience. You sleep in the middle of the wilderness. You wake up when the call of loon sounds over the lake and live in nature’s rhythm during this holiday. The nights can already be chilly in August and frost is possible. A warm sleeping bag therefore is a must for your stay on this active holiday.

Most of the times we will use an open fire to prepare our morning / evening meals. When we catch fish we grill this too on an open fire.

Pristine, untouched Wilderness

During your active vacation, our guides will take you on unique routes. During your adventure you ride, hike and ski through real nature, wilderness. Travelling in the wilderness in intensive. The trails not only go up and down, but you’ll also have to cross countless creeks. Gamaschen / gaiters are no unnecessary luxury during your trip in Canada.

While travelling through the wilderness there will be many opportunities to spot wildlife.

Discover Western Canada

Prefer to be busy during your active holiday? Or do you want to go one step further? Everything is possible at Claw Mountain Outfitters. So do you want to discover Canada on horseback, on foot or on skis? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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